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Conscious Women Conscious Relationships May 22, 2010

Posted by heidi skarie in Book Review, Writing.
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Darlene Montgomery has a new book in her conscious women series:

Conscious Women Conscious Relationships

True Stories of Wisdom and Awareness on the Path of Relationships.

Compiled by Darlene Montgomery

I have a story in the book called Three Gold Coins about my journey as a writer. In the story I talk about getting the story idea for my first book through a series of six dreams that were like watching an action/adventure movie.  I also talk about the amazing experiences that happen when I listened to my inner guidance while promoting Red Willow’s Quest.

The following is a quote from my story.

“We each come into this life with unique gifts and talents. It’s up to us to discover what they are, to develop and believe in them, despite the obstacles. We are always being guided and aided in our mission, if we listen and stay tuned to the highest part of ourselves. When we follow our heart and serve our purpose it opens the door for great joy and brings a passion for living to our lives. Equally important, it inspires others to do the same.”

The book includes a story by Oprah Winfrey called On Success.   Other stories are by Jo Leonard author of The Would Be Saint, Darlene Montogomery author of the Dream Yourself Awake, Ellie Braun-Haley author of A Little Door, A Little Light, and Monique Rider founder of Body Life Dynamics

Here is a quote from the introduction to the book by Darlene Montgomery.

‘”Nothing in our lives challenges us, sculpts us, nor moves us to grow or reflect the way our relationships do. Relationships of all kinds, from: spouses, parents, children, friends, relatives, workmates and more are the soil from which we harvest the qualities of patience, humility, harmony, detachment and most importantly, Divine Love. All of our relationships are for one thing: Ultimately they lead us to a greater relationship with our self and ultimately God.

All the stories in this book bear a lesson. Among them: forgiveness, letting go, humility and discipline. But above all these is the lesson of Divine Love. By using Divine Love in all life situations, we naturally learn its by-products of forgiveness, harmony and patience.”

Do you have a story about a lesson you learned from life and your relations?  Please share it as a comment so others can learn benefit from what you learned?

What People Are Saying About

Conscious Women Conscious Relationships

“Conscious Women, Conscious Relationships combines wise journeys of women’s struggles and joys with transcendent poetic images. The spiritual truths in these stories shine divine light onto the murkiest paths. Let these women inspire you to create your own conscious life.”

~Linda Anderson, co-founder, Angel Animals Network, http://www.angelanimals.com

“This is a book I have waited for my whole life. The stories are our own. Dare to find yourself in these pages!”

~Maxine Hyndman, Author, The Naked Millionaire and The Organic Entrepreneur

“The Conscious Women series of books is like a hug during uncertain times. It’s healthy and helpful for us to look at other women’s lives, their struggles and their triumphs. It helps us realize that—to paraphrase someone wiser than I am—no matter what lies ahead of us, it can’t possibly measure up to what lies within us. Here’s to conscious living—and Conscious Women! ”

~Erin Davis, Radio Host, CHFI



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