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Have You Had a Spiritual Experience? April 25, 2011

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A study said that one out of every three Americans has had some kind of extraordinary spiritual experience.  Most of the time these experiences are never talked about because the person is afraid of other people’s reactions.  For the third of the people who have had these experiences or believe in near death and out-of-body experiences I’d like to share a few stories.

I’ve changed everyone’s names to protect their privacy.

Joe told me a story from over forty years ago when he was a young man. He went to visit his uncle who had a young toddler.  After visiting for a while, Joe got in his car and was about to back down the driveway when a voice said, “Stop!”  He turned off the car, wondering where the voice had come from.  He looked around and didn’t see anything.  He turned the car back on again and for the second time the voice said, “Stop!”  This time Joe got out of the car and walked around it.  In back of his rear wheel the toddler was sitting!   With his heart racing at what had almost happened, Joe lifted up the child.  At the moment the mother came running out the door looking for her child.  Joe gave her the child without saying anything about the voice.  He was afraid she’d think he was crazy.  Many years passed before he shared his story with anyone.

I found it surprising that this amazing miracle happened in this man’s life and he’d didn’t feel safe to share it. Yet, this voice saved this child’s life.  Why is it taboo to discuss spiritual experiences in our society?

More recently I was at a luncheon when Peggy started telling about her friend’s funeral.  She was outside at the burial when this bird flew overhead.  She felt light shoot down from the bird and pierce her heart filling her with love.  Peggy instantly knew that it was a sign from her deceased friend that she was all right.  I was grateful that Peggy had the courage to share such a special story and heartened that perhaps people are beginning to feel more comfortable sharing them.

Jill shared a special dream she had as a child.  In the dream she walked down the hall of a church and saw three doors to the left.  The third door was open and inside the room was a bright yellow piano.  She hit the b sharp key on the piano and it didn’t work.  She was living in Minnesota at the time, but later her parents got a divorce and her mother took her to live in Texas.  On the first day of Sunday school she looked down the hallway and saw the three doors to the left.  She immediately knew where she was from her dream experience.  Sure enough in third room was the bright yellow piano and when she hit the b sharp key is was flat. This experience touched her on a deep level.  What an amazing glimpse into the future!  How many of us are shown things in our dreams but never pay attention?

At a workshop recently I heard two amazing stories about out-of-body experiences.  In the first one, Mike lay in bed one morning staring out the window at the orange sunrise and listening to the birds sing.  Suddenly he felt a tingling in the center of his forehead.  The vibrations of his body changed and he felt a swirling from one ear to another.  He heard the loud sound of a drum, then a popping sound.  Mike felt himself leaving his body and looked down at it from the ceiling.

Mike was scared at being out of the body and thought he was dead.  Then he realized.  “I’m not dead.  I’m alive.”  A master manifested and love poured out from this being.  Mike was Catholic so at first he thought it must be Jesus.  But the man had blond hair and so he decided he wasn’t. Mike told the master, “I’m not ready to go.  There is so much more I need to learn.” The Mater raised his right hand and Mike flew back into his body.  He woke up with a jolt and wondered what had happened.  This experience led him on a spiritual quest.  For eight years he explored different paths searching for answers. Eventually he learned about out-of-body travel.  He even learned the name of the inner master he’d seen.  The Master’s name was Gopal Das.  Here’s his picture:

At the same workshop Ben told of his a near death experience.  He was struck by lightning and found himself out of his physical body.  While out of his body he went to a place of tranquility and love. It was so wonderful there that he didn’t want to leave.  He met a wise white bearded man who knew things about him.  Ben thought the man was God. Ben awoke from this experience to a life he didn’t recognize.  He told the doctors about his experience and they told him he’d have to go to another type of hospital if he didn’t stop talking about this other world.  They thought he was mentally unbalanced.  Ben didn’t talk about his experience for twenty years.  Eventually he found like-minded people he could share his remarkable experience with.  He also saw a photo of the white bearded man and discovered the man wasn’t God, but a spiritual guide named Fubbi Quantz.  Here is his picture:

Maybe you’ve had a spiritual experience like one of these or an experience that is uniquely your own that you’d like to share?  Have you met one of these masters or another spiritual teacher?  I’d love to hear your story on this blog.



1. Martin Ball - May 14, 2011

What excellent examples of spiritual experiences! When we realize who and what we are–children of God put on earth to gain experiences, and to learn about giving and receiving divine love, life can become more clear, and we can BE examples of God’s love in action.

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