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We all get emails sent to us with cute stories and photos.  The one that came to me today was letters from children to God.  I had just gotten off the phone with someone whose friend’s wife had died quickly and unexpectedly of cancer.

One of the children’s letters was:

It is an interesting question and one that we all wonder about at some point in our life.  Why do people die?  Why doesn’t God just keep the people he has? We all have our own beliefs.  Mine is that this world is a school and we experience what it is like to go through all stages of life in many different countries over a series of lifetimes.

I enjoyed many of the other letters as well.  Here are some more:

The letters are sweet in their innocence and honesty.  While other letters are delightfully humorous.  They also touch on truth.  For example, Larry suggests that if Cain and Abel had separate rooms they “would not kill each so much.”  He hints at one of the problems in the world today.  There are a lot of people on earth with crowded conditions making it harder for everyone to get along.  We fight over land, material wealth and different religions. Living at this time in history is a spiritual opportunity for people to learn how to share the world and how to love more.

Nan also writes about love and how hard it must be for God to love everyone in the “whole world.”  “There are only 4 people in our family and I can never do it.”  She hits on something that is challenging for many people.  It’s not easy to give everyone unconditional love, even within your own circle of loved ones.  Yet we are born into a particular family because they are the right ones to teach us the lessons we need to learn to grow spiritually.

The letter from Denise is funny.  She doesn’t want to come back as Jennifer who she hates.  Is she really wondering about reincarnation?  Do we return to earth and if so who do we come back as?  Denise won’t come back as Jennifer, but she might come back as a person in of a different race or religion she was taught to hate or that she doesn’t understand.  For example, a Christian might come back as a Muslim or a Muslim as a Christian.  A black person might be reborn as a white person or a white person as a black person or Chinese person etc.

The last letter is particularly funny.  The child thanks God for his new baby brother, but what he wanted was a dog.  How many of us get gifts from God, but what we really wanted was something else?  Maybe the relationship we wanted didn’t work out but we eventually found someone we loved even more or maybe we didn’t get the job we wanted but we got one that turned out to be even better.

I hope you enjoy these children’s letters to God as much as I did.   There is a lot of truth in them.



1. Ali - May 13, 2011

Thanks Heidi I really enjoyed reading that! Hugs, Ali.

2. Laura - May 13, 2011

Fun Blog. I enjoyed the letters and your comments on them.

3. Heidi Skarie - May 25, 2011

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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