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HEREAFTER: A Movie Review May 20, 2011

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Soon after my blog entitled “Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?” posted, I saw the movie Hereafter, which explores elements of the supernatural, including near-death experiences. The story opens with Marie (Cécile De France), a French political journalist who is vacationing in Thailand just as it’s hit by a tsunami. She is dragged underwater and has an amazing vision during a near-death experience (NDE).  This changes her world and she is unable to go back to the life she lived before.  Marie takes time off from her job to write a book. However, instead of writing the political book her publisher wants, she writes about her personal near-death experience and cites scientific studies to corroborate it.  Her experience leads her to look at life differently. Ultimately, she finds that the people around her are uncomfortable talking about it.

The movie also focuses on two other characters whose lives are touched by death. The first is Marcus (George and Frankie McLaren), a London schoolboy who sets out to find a medium who can help him communicate with a loved one who died.

The second character is George (Matt Damon), a medium who gave up a business communicating with the dead to lead a normal life. In the end the three characters come together and profoundly affect each other’s lives.

In a review of the 2010 film directed by Clint Eastwood, John J. Puccio asks two friends with paranormal backgrounds for their comments. The first is Loyd Auerbach, a leading authority on paranormal phenomena and the second is Willie Swenson who has a degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies.

Loyd Auerbach worked with people who had NDEs and those seeking a connection with the other side (the hereafter). He felt the character of George rang true in that many psychics want to live normal lives and find their talents difficult to handle. Marie’s behavior after having a near-death experience also rang true for him.

“About 15% of all people who have a NDE are impacted to where they, like Marie, have fundamental philosophical change with regards to Life and Death, and even who they are.”  Marcus is young to be searching for a medium to help him talk with the dead; however, some who have lost a loved one do react in this way.

Willie Swenson felt that those who had a NDE or an understanding of this subject matter are more likely to enjoy the movie. He thinks this movie may seem like fantasy if you grew up believing that consciousness after death is not possible. But if you are aware of quantum physics you may be open to the larger reality beyond this material world.

He adds, “The day may come when humanity easily accepts consciousness after death. As has always been the case in scientific evolution, new ideas supplant old ideas . . . but old ideas do not go easily.”

Puccio concludes, “The story is an honest attempt to explore the single greatest mystery of life—namely, death—and to do it with intelligence, open-mindedness, understanding and compassion.”  (Blu-ray review FIRST PUBLISHED MARCH 11, 2011 BY JOHN J. PUCCIO)

It’s possible that Hereafter wasn’t hugely successful in the theaters because it is about death and the spiritual nature of our world. Yet for those who are interested in these topics, this motion picture is a gem. I greatly enjoyed it and am glad that I discovered it.

Hereafter is now out on DVD in case you want to rent this fascinating film that explores how three different people were touched by death and longed to know more.

Have you had a near-death experience? How did it change your perceptions about life? What spiritual insights did you harvest from your experience and what would you like others to know about NDE? Please share!

Here is a movie trailer:



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