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Atlantian Records Starfall by Cieladora January 20, 2012

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Is it possible that the Atlantean people kept detailed records of their lives and today some people have the ability to access those records? Author Cieladora believes this is so and has written about it. The story behind her book is intriguing.
One night Cieladora awoke and heard whispering. “The hushed voice spoke in oddly accented English punctuated with bird chirps, twitters, and clicks.” (p.iii)
Through the night the voice gave an eyewitness account of the last days of ancient Atlantis. The next night Cieladora again dreamed about the fall of Atlantis. “The dream was like a hologram of history played on a 3-D news channel.” (p. vi) When she awoke, Cieladora went to work and forgot the whole dream.
Two weeks later she spoke to her psychic friend Marie and a surge of memories from the dream came back. Marie immediately recognized the significance of the dream and urged Cieladora to write down notes about the story. Cieladora wrote as much as she could recall about the five days leading up to the destruction of the Second Atlantean Empire. This is the basic premise of her book, Atlantian Records Starfall: The Fall of the Second Atlantian Empire.
This story is told through four different people of the time: Teohi, a Matrix Master; Xoio, a Regent of the Atl’lactoi Settlement in North America; Potemki, a man who is the outcome of Xoio’s genetic engineering; and Triatl, a free man who was a native of South America.
During the time I was reading this book, my husband and I attended a New-Age Exposition. As I walked through the exhibits I saw the book Atlantian Records Starfall on one of the tables. The woman at the booth was Marie, Cieladora’s psychic friend who encouraged her to write the book. Marie explained in more detail about life in Atlantis and invited me to a workshop she was doing on the book.
A month earlier Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, mentioned a book called Atlantis in the Amazon by Richard Wingate. Klemp said many people living today lived in Atlantis previously and that learning about Atlantis could help us understand our dreams. A few days before attending the Expo, I dreamed I was in a city and a wall of water rushed toward me and those I was with. We ran into a building that was a place of healing. When I awoke, I wondered if the dream was a past-life memory of Altantis.

I’d first heard about Atlantian Records: Starfall from a friend of my husband while attending a lecture by Frank Joseph. Joseph also wrote a book called The Destruction of Atlantis. In his book Joseph links the worldwide cultural phenomenon to the story of the lost Atlantean civilization that disappeared into the sea in a violent cataclysm.
Joseph provides compelling evidence from around the world that Atlantis existed based on archaeology, geology, astronomy and ancient lore, whereas Cieladora’s book looks into what it was actually like to live on this remarkable island. Her book shows the homes, ships, culture and technological advances of the age.

She also explains that originally Atlantians came from another planet where people had psychic abilities and were exceptionally tall. When building Atlantis, they set up a lattice (energy grid) called The Matrix Energy, which provided energy for cooking foods, lighting buildings and heating and cooling homes. “The Matrix Energy that powered the Atlantian Empire was a form of psychic energy generated by the minds of thousand of trained Matrix Workers.” (p. vii)
If you wonder if Atlantis existed, you might want to read Joseph’s book. If you want to read about life on Atlantis, I’d recommend Cieladora’s book. It’s fascinating to me that some people have the ability to tap into the records of Atlantis.
I attended Marie’s workshop on Atlantian Records: Starfall and met another woman who was able to hear these ancient Atlantean recordings. I wonder if there’s a reason the Atlanteans are contacting us now. Perhaps it is a warning since our country is making some of the same mistakes the ancient Atlanteans did. We can learn much by studying these people from the past.
What ancient cultures have you tapped into associated with your past lifetimes? Let us know if you’ve had similar dreams!


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