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Movie Review of Dragonfly starring Kevin Costner June 10, 2012

Posted by heidi skarie in Movie reveiew.
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Recently I watched the movie “Dragonfly” starring Kevin Costner. It was booked as a “supernatural thriller,” but I found it to be a spiritual film with a few Hollywood special effects. The movie opens with Emily (Susannah Thompson) a pregnant cancer specialist on an emergency relief expedition in the jungles of Venezuela. There she dies in a bus accident.
Six months later, Joe Darrow, (Kevin Costner) a physician, is still intensely mourning her death. Joe doesn’t believe in the after life and works long hours to take his mind off the accident until his boss forces him to take time off. Before following his boss’s orders, Joe goes to check on Emily’s former pediatric patients. There his beliefs are challenged when it appears that his wife is using the near-death experiences of her terminal patients to communicate with him.
Joe’s love for Emily enables him to explore the possibility that there is an afterlife and that she is trying to reach him. His neighbor and friend (Kathy Bates) is concerned that he is having an emotional breakdown and fears he might lose his job. She tries to convince him that he’s just out of balance, but Joe is driven by further ethereal evidence of his wife trying to reach him. He goes to get advice from Sister Madeline (Linda Hunt) who had interviewed children with near-death experiences.
The title of the movie, “Dragonfly,” refers to a birthmark Emily had on her shoulder. She uses the dragonfly symbol to try and reach Joe from the other side to communicate an important message.
I enjoyed this movie because of Joe’s change in conscious and how his is willing to risk losing everything, even risk his life, to find out what his beloved wife is trying to tell him.
Here is a Youtube video of the film.



1. Donald Duchene - September 16, 2016

I’m trying to find where to buy this movie and was wondering where I can get the dragonfly in bluray copy if anyone knows

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