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ASTRAL CITY A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY – Movie Review July 10, 2012

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Recently I watched an extraordinary movie called ASTRAL CITY A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  It is a Brazilian film based on the best selling book NOSSO LAR (“our home” in English) by the medium and psychic Chico Xavier.

The story is about Andre Luiz, a doctor, who dies suddenly to find himself in purgatory, a world of horrible suffering and pain.  He begs for help and is rescued and delivered to the spiritual Astral City where he begins a journey of self-discovery and transformation. He comes to realize that he could have lived a better life on earth as he learns about the afterlife, love and peace.

Andre is worried about his family on Earth and wants to visit them. Before he’s able to he has to learn certain lessons, so he starts to work in the astral hospital to assist with people who died violently.  He gradually learns the laws that surround death and that everyone gets reborn into the physical world.

Part of the enjoyment of the film is the stunning photography and seeing the astral world come alive. Chico Xavier said the story was authored by a spiritual entity  who used his body to write the book.  Perhaps this is why the visions of the astral world are so detailed.

Chico Xavier is a well known medium in Brazil.  He wrote 412 books by psychography.  There was a Brazilian movie made about his life In 2010, a entitled Chico Xavier, directed by Daniel Filho.

Here is a movie trailer of Astral City:

Here is a movie trailer of Chio Xavier.

chio xavier movie trailer in English

You can also read the book on line for free.




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