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The Millionaire’s Secret Life, Lesson in Wisdom and Wealth by Mark Fisher: Book Review August 20, 2012

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Very few books come along that are as inspiriting as THE MILLIONAIRE’S SECRET LIFE by Mark Fisher told in the form of a parable loaded with spiritual principles such as the law of abundance, gratitude, love, detachment, karma, and reincarnation.


The story is about a writer named John who worked in an advertising company and wanted to write a screenplay: “he’d felt a terrible sense of foreboding, that if he waited too long it would be too late.  He’d lose the power to dream.” p. 15.  John had a dream of himself as a magnificent blue jay—his favorite bird as a child—with its wings amputated.”  P. 20.  He realized that the bird represented himself so he decided to go to his uncle for advice and to ask for a loan to start his own advertising agency.  His uncle referred him to an old eccentric millionaire who is really a master full of wisdom of not only how to succeed materially but how to grow as a spiritual being.


John asked the millionaire to help him make a fortune and the millionaire replied, “But tell me, how is it you haven’t already made your fortune?” p. 26-27.    He was basically asking John if there was something blocking him from being successful and fulfilling his dreams.  He pointed out that the real problem is fear. John didn’t have enough confidence in himself.


The millionaire told John the story of a lion that was raised by goats.  The goat-raised lion saw a wild lion and was afraid of it, not knowing his own true nature.  The old man said, “get rid of the goat so that the lion inside of you can awaken,” p. 77.


The millionaire gave John money to start his own company.  When John went to leave for home the man touched his forehead between the eyes and said, “Discover who you really are Truth will set you free.” P. 30l.  John used the spiritual principles the man taught him and tried to make a new life.


Over time he went through a series of experiences where thing went badly.  At one point he was about to lose everything, including the woman he loved.  The millionaire told him that “all sufferings are. . . sent to us out of mercy to help us evolve and find our true selves, find the real force with us, which ordinary happiness prevents us from seeing, because it lulls us to sleep – or rather, allows us to remain asleep…” p. 236-237.


John came to realize that his suffering had opened his heart and given birth to his talent.  In the remainder of the story reveals whether he is able to use what he learned to create a good life.


The book is an inspiration for anyone with a goal or dream. It encourages us to become the lion, recognize our true self and create the life we want.


Have you found that suffering has helped you to evolve? I welcome your stories and comments.



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