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DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani book review September 15, 2012

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ImageDYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani is a remarkable book about a woman’s near death experience and what she learned from it.  What makes the story so unusual is that Anita had fought cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) for four years using both alternative and traditional medicine.  The disease progressed to the point that all her major organs started shutting down and the doctors and her family expected her to die at any moment.  She slipped into a coma and had an incredible near-death experience (NDE).   While out of her body she knew she had a choice to die or return as it was not her time.  She eventually decided to return and knew she was healed on an energetic level and that her physical body would catch up quickly.

Anita states in her introduction that she understood that one of the reasons she came back to her body was so her message and experience would touch others.  One message she shares is that miracles are possible and that we are loved.  Soon after she recovered from the cancer, she began speaking and writing about her NDE and eventually wrote this book.

The book is divided into three parts.  In the first part Anita talks about how she was born in India and raise Hindu, but grew up in Hong Kong in the midst of different languages, cultures and religions.  This lead to her living a fear-based life that eventually manifested in disease.  “I also understood that the cancer was not some punishment for anything I’d done wrong. . . where I was at that point in time was a culmination of every decision, every choice, and every thought of my entire life.  My many fears and my great power had manifested as this disease.” (Chapter 7)

In the second part Anita tells about her NDE, what she experienced and understood while in the other worlds, her healing, and about her a new life afterwards. While Anita’s body lay in a coma, she was able to see and hear her family and the doctors.  She felt calm, peaceful and healed.  She understood that even if her physical life ended she would never truly die.  Though she was aware of Danny, her husband; her parents; and Anoop, her brother, and their unhappiness, she felt wonderful.  “I still felt enveloped in a sea of unconditional love and acceptance. . . I deserved to be loved simply because I existed, nothing more and nothing less.” (chapter 7)

She described her NDE as being love, joy, ecstasy, and awe.  In this place of expanded awareness she also became aware of the presence of her father, who’d died ten years earlier and of a dear friend, who had died a few years ago.  Their presence gave her comfort.

The universe now made sense and she understood she’d gotten cancer because her fears didn’t allow her magnificence to shine through.   She had been harsh with herself and didn’t show the beauty of her soul.  “I understood that I owed it to myself, to everyone I met, and to life itself to always be an expression of my own unique essence.  Trying to be anything or anyone else didn’t make me better—it just deprived me of my true self!  It kept others from experiencing me for who I am, and it deprived me of interacting authentically with them. Being inauthentic also deprives the universe of who I came here to be and what I came here to express. . . I also realized that I’m not my body, race, culture, religion or beliefs.” (Chapter 7)

Time was different in this realm and Anita was aware of simultaneous lives playing out.  In one incarnation the essence of her older brother Anoop was her younger brother who she looked after.

She also knew her husband Danny’s life and purpose was inextricably linked with hers.  If she died, he would follow soon after.  If he did, everything would still be perfect in the bigger picture.

In the last section Anita shares what she learned about healing from her experience.  She writes, “we can live as a reflection of who we really are, by allowing our magnificence to shine through.” (Introduction) In this section of the book there is also a question and answer section.

Anita wrote the book in hopes that by sharing her experience others can reduce their chances of getting ill.  For people who are already sick, there might be something in this book that will help them with the healing process.  Anita says, “It’s my hope that you find joy in each and every day of your journey and come to love life as much as I do these days!” (Introduction)

I highly recommend this unique book.  Anita is amazingly articulate in the way she’s able to describe what her NDE was like.  She shares honestly why she got sick and how she was able to heal.  This book will bring comfort and insight to anyone who reads it and contemplates Antia’s message.

Have you or anyone you know had a near death experience?   What are you thoughts about Antia Moorjani’s experience?  Please feel free to comment on this blog.

In closing, remember your own magnificence and that you exist because God loves you unconditionally.

Here is a You Tube of Anita doing an interview on After live TV



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