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Riding the Sound Current by Steve DeWitt December 26, 2012

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Cover-149x234-75x119Many years ago I awoke one night in the Soul body to find an olive-complexioned, Asian-looking monk in a tan robe standing in my bedroom. He asked me to come with him and then vanished into a hole in the ceiling. I looked askance at my spiritual master, whose glowing blue form hovered in a corner of the room, and he nodded that it was ok for me to do so.  Leaving my physical body behind, I followed the monk and saw him flying up what looked like a fluorescent tube or tunnel.  About midway up, the tunnel’s gravity seemed to reverse and we dropped down onto the starlit surface of an alien planet.  When I uttered surprise at how bright the stars were, my guide explained that the planet was Mars and that the brightness was due to its very thin atmosphere.

We were standing in a desert landscape with arid plains in the foreground and dark mountain ranges in the distance. The monk pointed across the rock-strewn plain where hooded figures in brown or tan robes were being chased by soldiers in jeep-like vehicles. The robed monks appeared to be heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Many were shot and killed by their pursuers, while only a few made it to safety in the mountains. My guide informed me that the monks were freedom fighters struggling against the tyranny of the ruling Warrior class.

Outlandish as it may seem, this wasn’t my first Soul travel visit to another planet.  About twenty-five years earlier, shortly after I joined the path of Eckankar, I had been guided in the Soul body to a supra-physical spaceport on earth, where I boarded a spacecraft and was taken to a planet in the Beta Centauri system.  There I visited a museum dedicated to a very ancient time period when earth was a colony of this planet.  What I saw there and during a subsequent series of past-life recall dreams led me to write my first book, The Golden Kingdom.

At the time of my first visit to Mars, however – an experience I later used in my second book, Warriors of the Sound Current, to introduce the protagonist, Jeff, to his mission – I had no idea I was going to write a novel set on different planets as well as other planes of reality.  The Soul travel experience I was granted merely seemed to create an overwhelming curiosity within me about the Sound Current, the spiritual planes and the other planets of our solar system. I set myself the spiritual goals to visit each plane and hear its corresponding Sound, and to Soul project to each of the planets.

Soul travel is different from astral projection, which is movement in the astral body on the astral plane. In astral projection, one is tethered to the body by the silver cord.  Soul travel, in contrast, is the ability to expand one’s consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical body, as well as the astral, causal and mental bodies by contacting the Sound Current. (The Sound Current is another name for Divine Spirit, which is visible as light and audible as sound.)  Over time, as I gained some experience in spiritual travel, I came to realize Soul projection isn’t traveling at all because Soul, being one with the essence of God, is everywhere, in all places, at all times. Soul isn’t conscious of Its omni-presence due to Its identification with the human self, but in Its true state of being It really is everywhere. It follows that for Soul projection to work I had to inhabit my true state of being and awaken my awareness in another place where I, as Soul, already was.

This process is very natural for Soul, and most of us do it all the time.  The hard part is to bring a memory back to our physical consciousness from what we have seen and experienced in this higher state.  Not only do we have to train our awareness in Soul to be intense enough to manifest a physical memory of our travel, but even if we do, the censor of our mind will try to scramble it, clothe it in incomprehensible symbols, make us forget, or try to convince us it wasn’t real.  All these hurdles can be overcome, but it takes patience, perseverence, creativity and an open-minded attitude.

Some of the techniques I used to find success with my spiritual goals are mentioned on my website http://www.soundcurrentrider.com.  In the months and years that followed my first Mars encounter, I did eventually manage to travel to all the planets of our solar system – even Pluto, which isn’t a planet anymore – and to visit and hear the Sound Current on each of the spiritual planes as described by Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar.  These experiences formed the inspiration to write Warriors of the Sound Current, which is a work of fiction but features as major characters several of the people I met in their own Soul bodies during my travels.  The landscapes, cities, state of technology and inhabitants of the planets are rendered as I saw them, and the spiritual experiences encountered by the protagonist, Jeff, are pretty much verbatim descriptions of my own, including insights and lectures given by various spiritual masters.

Scientists will of course dispute that societies actually exist on the other planets.  Our probes on Mars have found nothing but rocky desert, Venus is too hot and poisonous, and the big outer planets are naught but gas, they say.  As yet they have not fully realized that vibration is the fifth dimension, and that other realities can exist at different vibrational levels within the same space.  For most it will take a fundamental shift in their view of life and the universe before they are able to accept that most planets are inhabited, our reality isn’t the only one, and the heavenly world isn’t what they think it is.  Once that shift has taken place, they will hopefully learn about the frequency modulation technology that will allow anyone of us to physically travel to planets accross the galaxy just like we fly on airplanes accross the ocean today.  Until then, we must practice Soul travel if we wish to go there – and prepare to not be believed when we return.



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