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Harmonica Man brings music to the world March 15, 2013

Posted by heidi skarie in Music.
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A friend sent me a beautiful story that was on CBS News.  It’s about Andy who had nine heart surgeries.  The medicine he was taking made him feel so badly he stopped taking it.  He always wanted to learn to play the harmonica so he took lessons.  He was still around the next month so he bought hundreds of harmonicas for children and brought them to schools and taught the children to play. He’s still around eleven years later sharing music.

I wonder if the love he is giving out to children is what has kept him alive.  He’s sharing music with his corner of the world.  


Here is a link to the remarkable film about Andy.


The photo is of a child enjoying life.  I took it at a parade in Wayzata, MN.

HU Baloons

HU Balloons



1. myatch9 - March 18, 2013

His was a great story–he dropped the pills, gave out harmonicas, then began playing and making fingerboard instuments with long
narrow sounding cavities and strings. Most interesting.

–ECK Love,

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