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One Last Wish, poem by Soltermann May 21, 2013

Posted by heidi skarie in Writing.
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Today I want to share a poem by E. Johannes Soltermann who is a talented writer, poet and musician.  One of the things he likes to do is play the piano at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport to share his music and love of life.  He is the author of The Gate: A Tale for the 21st Century, and Healing From Terrorism, Fear, and Global War.



One Last Wish

If I’m granted one last wish,

I would spend it on surrender

I would sing out all I can,

pass it to the greater will.

If I’m given one next step,

I’d release it to my heart

let the sorrow be like joy,

let the plan be a first birth.

If I’m blessed with one last sound,

I would open all my doors,

let the music sweep my house

like it never swept before.

If I’m offered one more love,

I will open both my palms,

let go all that came before,

give completely to Your will.

E. Johannes Soltermann




1. davidrpurnell - August 1, 2017

Thank you Heidi for posting this. They are such beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, by this talented man.
I enjoyed a conversation with Johannes this past weekend, at the July 29-30, 2017 Conference in Chanhassen (we exchanged contact information).

Here is one of Johannes’s moving piano pieces, performed live, and in large part extemporaneously:
“Have Wings – Will Fly”


2. heidi skarie - August 2, 2017

Hi David,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and link to Johannes’ music on youtube.

I see there are a lot of Johannes’ music on youtube– so everyone go there and enjoy.


davidrpurnell - August 2, 2017


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