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Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright by Anne Archer Butcher October 31, 2013

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Inner GuidanceAnne Archer Butcher’s book Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright was just released.  I eagerly awaited this book when I heard it was coming out because I have heard some of Anne’s amazing stories and knew what a wonderful storyteller she is.

On the day the book came out, Anne gave a talk about it. Some of her talk is in “Chapter 7 – Ocean of Love: Inner Guidance during an Out-of-Body Experience” and “Chapter 8 – There Is No Death: Inner Guidance Assists with a Loved One.

   In the talk Anne said one night she got a headache.  Her boyfriend Jon sat beside her on the couch holding her as she became dizzy.  She sensed an unspoken communication from inner guidance that said, “Someone close to you appears to be dying.”  She saw a black spot hanging in the middle of the room, and then felt pulled out of her body and sucked toward it.  She crossed into the dark tunnel and flew through it at great speed.  At the end was a golden ocean of Light and Sound that sounded like a thousand violins and bells. She knew she was home and wanted to stay there forever.

While in this inner world another inner message came to her that said there were ten things she must remember.  She wanted to stay in this world, but was told she had much to do and she was sent back to the physical world.

When she returned to her body her eyes were bright red like they were sunburned.  She wondered who close to her would appear to be dying.

At the talk Anne mentioned two of the ten things on the list she was given.

  • • In truth, there is no death—only the illusion of death
  • • Remember, everything is always happening exactly as it should, whether it appears that way or not.

The next day while Anne was teaching her high school class she was told to come to the principal’s office.  Jon met her there and told Anne that her sister Debbie was dying.  He’d already bought her a plane ticket to fly to see Debbie. When Anne got to the hospital, she was shown inwardly that there was a deflated balloon in Debbie’s head.  Anne told the doctor about it.  The doctor realized Anne was having a spiritual experience and that she knew more than he did.  He thought the deflated balloon sounded like a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.  Anne’s inner guidance confirmed that it was and the doctor performed an operation that saved Debbie’s life.

This is just one of the amazing stories in the book.  One of my favorites was when a school of dolphins saved Anne from a shark and brought her safely to shallow water. Another was when she was teaching a high school class.  One day she put her hand to the chalkboard, it was moved across the board, writing something that she didn’t recognize. She continued to write quotes on the chalkboard for her other classes.  With the librarian’s help she discovered what she had written came from Plato’s Republic.  She came to understand that the quote-writing phenomenon was a form of inner guidance to open a door to great wisdom.

Other stories include having a walk with a lost elephant and manifesting a hot air balloon rider.  In each story she explains the spiritual principle she is learning and talks about the inner guidance she received.

After reading this book I don’t think I’ll ever look at life in quite the same way ever again.  A lot more is going on in this world than we realize.  Anne says:

“This connection with God is our divine birthright.  Why? Because God has provided every blessing and gift we could even need.  We just have to raise our awareness enough to be able to recognize the blessing and know we’re worthy of them.  Why? Because we are Soul. A spark of God.

“It’s completely up to each of us whether we use this amazing spiritual tool, inner guidance.  It takes attention, practice, and above all, trust—knowing that we’re worthy of such a beautiful gift.” (p. 260)

If you want to find out more about inner guidance so you can tap into this gift, read this wonderful book of adventures and experiences that are so incredible they seem like miracles. Yet we can all have them if we learn how to listen to our inner guidance.

Here is a youtube with Anne talking about her experience of being rescued by the dolphins.



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