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A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen June 8, 2014

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Book cover

Book cover

While visiting a friend in Switzerland she told me about a book she loved called A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen, which became a best seller. The story is about a young man who was on the road to recovery from drug addiction and living on the streets of London when he found an injured stray cat. His heart opened to this ginger colored cat and James nursed him back to health. James was not sure he’s ready to take on the responsibilities of a cat when he can barely take care of himself, but the cat adopted him and soon the two became inseparable. James named this special cat Bob.   Bob gave James love and companionship, and an incentive to fully recover and make a better life for Bob and himself.

I had a ginger colored cat when I was in college. My friend wanted a kitten and when I accompanied her to look at a litter I fell in love with a lively kitty. I named him Siddhartha after the main character in Herman Hess’s novel Siddhartha. Siddhartha and I had many adventures together as we traveled back and forth to Madison. He was a good friend, so I have a special place in my heart for ginger colored cats.

In the book, James made his living as a street musician and one day Bob followed him to work. James had felt invisible before, but with the cat as his companion people started coming up to him to take photos of the cat. When James started playing his guitar more people gathered around to hear him than usual and more coins were dropped in his guitar case. People were so taken with this special cat that they knitted scarves for him and brought him food and toys.   The cat not only opened James’ heart but the hearts of the busy people on the streets of London.

Eventually someone told James that there was a YouTube of him and Bob. James checked it out and it had 10,000 hits. (now there is 881,067) Then a publisher who walked past him every day asked James if he would be interested in writing his story and the result is this book.

This is a wonderful story about how the bond of love between James and Bob saved both of their lives.


A ginger cat I saw in Switzerland

A ginger cat I saw in Switzerland


Have you ever had a pet or animal companion that helped you heal or brought you unconditional love?


Here is a YouTube video of Bob and James.

Interview with James on “This Morning” TV shows.




1. Leland Roth - August 14, 2014

Lucky, my beloved papillon, was a male ginger cat 2 lifetimes ago that I abandoned to get married! I was living in Sedona, Arizona at the time & made that decision because my bride was then allergic to cats. I was my choice to let my cat go in the wilds.
Anyway my now 17(?) year old papillon last summer gave me this dream experience ~ if u will ~ of how he died that lifetime & basically confirmed what I never dreamed possible!

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