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Unity Day – How One Gorilla Can Unite the World October 22, 2014

Posted by heidi skarie in Art, Book Review.
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Today’s post is on Joy Dey and Nikki Johnson’s new book One Gorilla.  The book has an important message about treating others with kindness and lush watercolor illustrations.

October is National Bullying Prevention month and October 22 is Unity Day – a day to wear orange, and unite against the bullying that causes 1 in 10 kids to drop out of school.


Unite Against Bulllying

Unite Against Bulllying












Our take on this is to promote kindness in children before bullying ever becomes an issue. We all know it’s good to be kind and help each other out, but it’s good to be reminded that those acts of kindness really do pay forward. An act of kindness costs the giver so little and yet can make a huge difference for the receiver. It can start to change the whole climate of the “jungles” we all live in, be they tropical or urban.

Our latest children’s picture book, One Gorilla, is our take on this and a great way to sit with a kid www.sitwithakid.com/onegorilla.php (see what I did there?! That’s our logo!) and talk about how their day went.


Cover of One Gorilla By Joy Dey and Nikki Johnson

Cover of One Gorilla
By Joy Dey and Nikki Johnson















The lush watercolor paintings in One Gorilla depict an angry, eerie jungle…

Leopard attacks. . .

Leopard attacks. . .










…that gets brighter and happier as one act of kindness.

His heart goes out to the chimp...

His heart goes out to the chimp…




…spreads through it.

But what if he turns her right side up?

But what if he turns her right side up?












Nikki Johnson, the illustrator, is a signature member of the Lake Superior Watercolor Society. The paintings are done onYupo paper, which lends itself to Nikki’s wild and free style.

So! Celebrate Unity Day with us – wear orange, give someone a compliment, and check out our book!


Thanks for hosting us Heidi! You are one of the kindest people we know.





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