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“The Sign of the Eagle” by Jess Steven Hughes is Roman historical fiction at its finest December 3, 2014

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The Sign of the Eagle sounds like an enjoyable read. I have a special interest in “British” Celtic women as the heroine of my novel Annoure and the Dragon Ships (which I’m in the final stage of editing) is also a Celtic woman from what is now known as England. The Sign of the Eagle is well researched and has an exciting plot.

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The Pursuit of Justice in a Violent Age

August 25, 2014 by Gregg Zimmerman

sote_pubImperial Rome, starting with the first emperor Augustus, spanned about 500 years, and was ruled by approximately 65 emperors (depending how you count usurpers, upstarts, and self-proclaimed tyrants). So the average tenure of a Roman emperor was a little less than 8 years, and few of them died of natural causes. The Sign of the Eagle is set in the early reign of Vespasian, who took the throne during the chaotic year of four emperors (69 A.D.). This was an era of barbarian invasions, sinister political plots, and military unrest when any given general stationed in the provinces could declare himself emperor and advance with his army upon Rome on any particular day. This is the backdrop of The Sign of the Eagle, a fast-paced and extremely enjoyable historical novel. Protagonist Macha, the daughter of a…

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1. Elizabeth Eddis Young - December 3, 2014

Heidi Skarie is a fine novelist herself, and this looks intriguing. :o)

2. Elizabeth Eddis Young - December 3, 2014

Thanks for this Heidi, I thought I was forwarding this to friends and my comment went to you!

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