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The Boy Who Lived Before May 28, 2015

Posted by heidi skarie in Past lives.
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Do you believe we have more than one life? I recently ran across a YouTube about a Scottish boy named Cameron who, as a toddler, talked regularly about being a “Barra Boy”. Barra is a small island that is part of the British Islands and has a population of one thousand. Cameron remembered living in a one-story white house and knew his family name was Robertson. He kept insisting that his family missed him and that he needed to go back to Barra to see them.

Cameron told his mother that he used to be in Barra and then he “fell through to you.” He added that it was okay to die because you come back as someone else.

After three years of Cameron talking about his life on Barra, his mother Norma decided to bring him there. She was accompanied on the trip by a man who studies children’s past life memories.

I think you’ll enjoy the YouTube, which also shares the story of a young child named Gus who said he was his grandfather. His mother didn’t believe in reincarnation but Gus knew things about his grandfather that he had no way of knowing. Once she overheard him saying to a friend, “I used to be big and I got to come back. God gave me a ‘ticket’. I came through a porthole. I was big and came through the porthole and was small again.”

Do you have any experiences that could be past life memories? Have you ever heard a toddler talking about when he was big?

You can view the YouTube here:




1. kinneret - June 15, 2015

Well, oddly, my 5 year old when he was younger, say 2. I would ask him, how did you get so cute? And he would reply, “because I bought tickets.” (e.g. from God).

2. heidi skarie - August 31, 2015

My grandson is two. My husband asked him what he did when he was big and he said he was a race car driver. He loves cars in this life.

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