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Book review of The Immortal Life of Piu Piu: A Magical Journey Exploring the Mystery of Life after Death (Dance Between Worlds Book 1) January 25, 2017

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41fel8exsnlAfrican author Bianca Gubalke has written an uplifting visionary fiction novel about the journey of soul. It started out in the first chapter with Anata, a soul in the inner realms, talking to an elder about her next life. She’s picked a hard life for her spiritual advancement in a small village in Western Cape coast of South Africa. A place that is beautiful with numerous plant species, animals, mountains, and ocean.

The elder warned Anata that her memory of who she really is as soul will disappear so she can create a new life. She won’t remember her true home but will search for it.

In the second chapter, we met a little girl named Pippa and MadMax (a delightful talking cat). They heard a peep and find a little gosling on the ground. Pippa brought it into the house, determined to take care of the small, helpless creature. Thus begins the tale of Pippa, MadMax and her goose Piu Piu.

The story explored the loving relationship between humans and animals and included many beautiful photographs of plants and animals.

The novel had a powerful message because it delved into the spiritual realms and the longing of soul to return home in a time when many baby boomers are wondering what happens after they die.

In places, the story of Piu Piu, the goose, reminded me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Both birds long for freedom.

The book also reminded me of Oversoul Seven by Jean Roberts, which is about Oversoul Seven who runs three bodies at once in different times and places as part of his education.

I was exposed to the idea that soul takes part in choosing their next life in Dr. Michael Newton’s work Journey of Souls and Life Between Lives. Dr. Newton hypnotized people to take them back to their childhood so they could heal. Once when he hypnotized someone they ended up in the inner realm where soul goes between lives. After that Dr. Newton took many people back to their life between lives on earth and asked soul about their experience there.

In the Immortal Life of Piu Piu I was fascinated to see how Bianca was able to weave together the idea of soul living more than one life and choosing that life based on what that soul needed to learn for its spiritual growth. I especially enjoyed the action-filled second half of the book that shares the backstory of Poppa’s parents during a raging forest fire.

The end of the book was a treat for it nicely tied up the whole book and brought clarity to the story.

I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy visionary fiction. You might find yourself wondering if this is simply a magical world where animals talk, have human emotions and past life memories or if there is a golden thread of truth that can help us in our own journey home.

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Do you have any memories of a past life?  Do you think we decide what our next life will be?

Here is a wonderful book trailer of the novel.

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Richard Martini, FLIPSIDE December 2, 2012

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Last year I wrote a blog on Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls, Case Studies of Life Between Lives about his research as a hypnotherapist.  In his career as a hypnotherapist Newton regressed over 7,000 patients who talked about what happened to them between their former incarnations on earth.  His subjects described what it feels like to die, what the spirit world is like, and how they chose their next life with their soul group.

That blog drew a lot interest.  People were fascinated to hear about where we go after we die and what happens there.

So when a friend called recently to tell me about a documentary Richard Martini made about Michael Newton’s work, I was immediately interested.  Richard Martini is an author and award winner filmmaker who came across Michael Newton’s work during his own spiritual search that started after a dear friend died.

On her deathbed Martini’s friend told him she had a reoccurring vision of a spiritual classroom where everyone wore white.  After she died, Martini had a spontaneous out-of-body experience where his friend guided him to that classroom.  He felt he’d actually visited her.  After that experience, he had many questions.  Had he really found her?  Could he see her again?  He began studying near death experiences and past lives.

While doing his research Martini came across Michael Newton’s work and attended one of his talks.  Afterwards Martini spoke with Newton about doing a documentary. Newton was interested in the project, so Martini filmed Newton and other hypnotherapists trained by him.  Martini also filmed subjects being regressed to their life between lives.

When filming the documentary Martini learned that each of us has a soul group of three to twenty-five beings that come together between lives.  Working together, souls in the group go over their last life and choose their next life, including who they will reincarnate with.  In each life soul has something it wants to learn.

While Martini was making the documentary, one of the hypnotherapists suggested he get regressed.  Martini agreed to do a session and had an amazing experience of his own. He found himself in the body of a Native American medicine man.  His bare feet were cut and he was standing in water.  His entire tribe had been killed by another tribe.  He looked inside his tepee and when he saw his beautiful wife’s throat cut open, he felt the same terrible grief he’d felt in that life as a medicine man.

During the session, Martini also attended a class where he learned about “energy reconstruction” and met his dear friend who’d died.

In an interview Martini said that Brian Weiss did major work in the field of past lives.  He hypnotized people and took them back to the life where their illness or fear started. Weiss wrote about his work in Many Lives Many Masters.

Newton went even further.  He regressed people back not only to the past life where their problem originated, but to their soul group.  His subjects learned that they had planned to have an illness or certain problem to help them grow spiritually, and to learn something about divine love.  Subjects often came back from their sessions cured of their illness or fear.

In the interview Martini also discussed the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.  Her last flight was taken in July 1937 in the tense period before World War two.  Martini talked to a number of witnesses who saw her plane in a hangar in Saipan. He concluded that she was forced to land and taken prisoner by the Japanese.  After United States shelled Saipan, witnesses said she was executed as a spy.

As well as doing the documentary called Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife.  Martini wrote a book called Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How To Navigate the Afterlife.


Below is a YouTube video by Martini discussing about his book.  In the video he talks about Michael Newton’s work.  Newton had a suicidal client who he hypnotized and told to go back to the source of her pain.  She regressed back to her soul group between lives.  Newton was so astounded at hearing about this soul group that he quit his practice and for the next thirty years took patients to this place between lives.

Here is a trailer for the video Flipside.





Martini has an interview on the 100th Monkey Radio Show.   You can hear it on this book website. When you get to the website scroll down the page until you get to the 100th Monkey Radio show and click the link.


Michael Newton, Journey of Souls book Review February 26, 2011

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Most of us have pondered the questions, “Why are we here?” and “What happens after we die?”  We wonder why some people are born to a wealthy and/or loving family and why others are born into poverty and/or into an unloving family.  We wonder why some people suffer from disease and die young while others live a long, healthy life.

We may come to conclusions based on our own personal religious beliefs or based on what we were taught in church.  Most think you can’t actually know the answers to these questions until you die.   Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives offers new insights into what happens between lives, why we are born, and why the physical world is such a hard place.

Dr. Michael Newton is a hypnotherapist who discovered that we, as soul, have a life in the spirit worlds between our lives here on earth.   The first time he had a glimpse into this soul life was when he hypnotized a client and asked her why she was lonely.  She replied, “I miss some friends in my group and that’s why I get so lonely on Earth.”

Over a period of ten years Dr. Newton worked with his clients carefully recording what they told him about their life in their “life between lives”.  He discovered that helping people find their place in the spirit worlds was more meaningful to people than remembering former lives on earth.

Newton says, “Having a conscious knowledge of their soul life in the spirit world and a history of the physical existence on planets gives these people a strong sense of direction and energy for life.”  (P. )

This remarkable book covers soul’s experience right after the body dies, and the journey to its spirit-world group of friends and what it learns there.

Many books discuss reincarnation, but this is the only one I’ve run across that goes into depth about what soul does between lives.  One of the most important aspects of Newton’s finding is helping people to eliminate the fear of death.  Newton says at the time of death, “All people report a euphoric sense of freedom and brightness around them.  Some of my subjects see brilliant whiteness totally surrounding them at the moment of death, while others observe the brightness is farther away from an area of darker space through which they are being pulled.  This is often referred to as the tunnel effect, and has become well know with the pubic.” (p. 9)

After this tunnel effect, soul is met by their relatives, close friends, and/or personal guide.  More advanced soul isn’t met by anyone as they don’t require a support system.

Next, souls are taken to a “space of healing” to help soul recover from their last life.  Here soul is debriefed by their guide about the life that just ended.  Earth is a hard place compared to the love and wisdom of the place where soul was created, so soul often returns bruised and needs time to heal.

After healing, soul returns to its group of intimate old friends who are at about the same awareness level.  This is “a small primary unit of entities who have direct and frequent contact, such as we would see in a human family.” (p. 8)

A guide, who is a more advanced soul, works with the group. “Guides only want the best for us and sometimes this means they must watch us endure much pain to reach a certain objective.  Guides cannot assist in our progress until we are ready to make the necessary changes in order to take full advantage of life’s opportunities.”  (p. 119)

With their group a soul will go over their last lifetime and review what they did well and what they could have done better.

Souls are on different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced souls.  Newton didn’t interview many advanced souls.  He says, “The fact is, a person whose maturity is this high doesn’t seek out a regression therapist to resolve life-plan conflicts.” (p. 16)

An advance spirit shows more patience with society and has good coping skills.   They show kindness and understanding towards others.

The next area Newton covers is the selection of soul’s next life.  After the wounds of a past life are healed, soul feels the pull to reincarnate again on earth, though soul can reincarnate on other worlds a well.  With their guide, soul decides where they want to live, what lessons they want to learn, and what parents they want to be born to.

Newton gave an example of a soul who wanted to study music.  The soul wanted to live in New York with parents who were supportive and well off enough to pay for music lessons.  This soul said, “If I want to express the beauty of music and give pleasure to myself and others, I need proper training and supportive parents, otherwise I’ll get sidetracked.”  (p. 21)

Each person comes into a new life with lessons they have chosen to learn.  They pick a family, friends and a mate to help them learn these lessons.  One particularly interesting part of this plan is that we have triggers to help us remember the important people we will encounter in our life such as who we are suppose to marry.  A piece of jewelry, a laugh, the eyes, or a fragrance can trigger the memory.

We have amnesia about our soul identity when the soul and human brain merge. The merging takes place in the womb early or late in the pregnancy. This amnesia allows soul to have a fresh start.  But there is often a bleed through in young children who remember their past lives or in all of us when we meet someone we have an instant recognition of.

Once soul enters the body of a baby, it comes and goes while the baby is in the womb.  After birth, soul continues to come and go when the body is sleeping or in deep meditation.

In conclusion, Newton says, “If you carry away nothing except the idea you may have a permanent identity worth finding, I will have accomplished a great deal.”  (p. 274)

We live in an imperfect world by design.  “We bear responsibility in the evolution of a higher consciousness for ourselves and others in life.” (p. 276)  We learn that we have a loving place waiting for us where we belong.  One day we will go there to finish this long journey and reach a state of enlightenment.

I’ve just touched on the essence of this fascinating book. You may not agree with all of Newton’s findings, but does open doors to possibilities.  I believe he has just scratched the surface of the inner worlds and there is much beyond what he describes.

Michael Newton has written other books and has some You Tubes videos online.  Here’s one you might find interesting.