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Author interview with MCV Egan January 22, 2015

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Defined by Others

Defined by Others

MCV Egan has recently published a delightful book titled Defined by Others.  Here is an interview with her.

-What inspired you to become a writer?

I am the sixth child of eight. As such it is not easy to be heard, by the time I knew what I wanted to say louder older dominant voices interrupted and I resorted to writing, to be prepared to communicate with words.

When I was twelve my entire family moved from Mexico City, Mexico to Washington D.C. , I left behind a really nice group of friends and there the need to stay in touch was a motivator to write.

Now any Astrologer would tell you that as I was born with the moon in Gemini and a few other aspects on my natal chart I had no choice but to write.

-What is Defined by Others about?

Defined by others is about how difficult it is to be true to yourself when influenced by the actions and influence of others.

It is about two women who feel lost because their husbands left them and they need to re- invent themselves; find themselves at the age of 47. They get involved in a cyber-game of manipulation; in a way living up to the old adage that misery loves company, and they play nasty tricks on other women.

It is a book about falling in love and losing love, friendship and enmity, trust and betrayal. The voice is humorous even though the subject has dark sides and there are strong consequences for their actions.

 -Did you do any research for this book?

There was not much traditional research per se. I did watch the documentary CATFISH and reports about it (http://abcnews.go.com/2020/catfish-movie-tale-twisted-cyber-romance/story?id=11817470 ) to understand how people create false identities to approach unsuspecting targets in cyberspace.

I did minor research on the different Chinese symbols and totems for their Astrology. I wanted to use snakes and dragons and it worked out great as they are years that are chronologically connected in the Chinese calendar. It was so fortunate that the description of Snake women is that they are beautiful, I needed pretty and mean women!

Looked into a variety of psychic abilities and what was the style in the 80s when these women would have been in high school.

 -Who is the main character in your story? How does she grow and change?

Anne Geyer is the main character. She is 47 years old and fascinated by loose words, words that can stand alone to define a moment. She is multilingual, the mother of teenage twins and her husband left her.

He left her and informed her that he had fallen in love with a man. She is broken and undefined. At the same time her dad suffers a major stroke and she has to deal with helping her parents put in order the house she grew up in. The house stirs memories and feelings of betrayals from her past.

The ‘frenemy’ of her youth dies and leaves her a game of manipulation, through pain, fear and perhaps a bit of boredom she gets pulled into this mean game of manipulation.

She grows and changes as the story flows because she has to decide her future, and because her nasty game has harsh consequences.

She is very flawed and as dislikable as she is likable, it was such fun creating her.

 -What projects are you working on now?

Defined by Others is book one in a series; Defining Ways. I am writing book two Climbing up the Family Tree; Defined by Pedigree, and I have another volume which I tentatively call Living in Vain; futility Defined, but I have changed the title umpteen times.

I have a huge list with synopsis and I see the “Defined” possibilities as endless, all books will be able to be read in any order and stand on their own.

 -Is there anything you’d like to add?

I now also write a history article every other week or so at THE INFLECTIONIST with Wanda Hartzenberg. I am very happy to share that with your visitors as well as my three blogs. Where I interact with and promote a wide variety of, writers, poets and artists.

MCVEganAuthor Bio

M.C.V. Egan is the pen name chosen by Maria Catalina Vergara Egan the author of The Bridge of Deaths and Defined by Others. Catalina was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1959, the sixth of eight children, in a traditional Catholic family.

She only spent her childhood in Mexico. Her father became an employee of The World Bank in Washington D.C. From the early 1970s at the age of 12 she moved with her entire family to the United States.

Catalina was already fluent in Southern English as she had spent one school year in the town of Pineville, Louisiana with her grandparents. There she won the English award; ironically being the only one who had English as a second language in her class. In the D.C. suburbs she attended various private Catholic schools and graduated from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland in 1977.

She attended Montgomery Community College, where she changed majors every semester. She also studied in Lyons, France at the Catholic University for two years. In 1981, due to an impulsive young marriage to a Viking (The Swedish kind, not the football player kind) Catalina moved to Sweden where she resided for five years and taught at a language school for Swedish, Danish, and Finnish business people. She returned to the USA in the late 1980s where she has been living ever since. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Swedish.

Maria Catalina Vergara Egan is married and has one son, who together with their five pound Chihuahua make her feel like a fulltime mother.   Although she would not call herself an Astrologer she has taken many classes and taught a few beginner classes in Astrology. This is one of her many past times when she is not writing or researching.

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1. mariacatalinaegan - January 23, 2015

Thank you for the interview. So happy to be your guest

2. mariacatalinaegan - January 24, 2015

Thanks for dropping by and sharing Christoph

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