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Heidi Skarie is a passionate writer and storyteller. She gives workshops and teaches classes on writing and spiritual topics, and is also a popular interview guest on radio and television.


1. Ian Gardner - March 12, 2011

Hello Heidi,
You once commented on my blog The Journey Up The Mountain.
I have just had a look at your site/s and your interest in past lives prompts me to ask you whether you are familiar with, or know of, the Edgar Cayce material?

heidiskarie - March 12, 2011

Ian, Yes, I am familiar with Edgar Cayce. He was ahead of his times for a lot of what we consider now New Age topics. He was a psychic and a channeler. He was a devout christian who wrote about reincarnation, health, dreams, spirituality, and the ancient kingdom of Atlantis.

Ian Gardner - March 13, 2011

So I thought.
Best wishes,

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